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08-04-2024 | Herman Nekkers

LBL Challenge: still more than worth it

This year's Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge route presents significant challenges. Notably, 17 municipalities in Liège are denying access to tours with over 500 participants. Despite these hurdles, Golazo has crafted a route worthy of the LBL.

Route changes

The start and finish, as in past years, are located in Banneux, just outside Liège. This shift is due to the ongoing renovation of the sports center in Liege, previously utilized. Banneux has proven to be an ideal alternative.

The affected towns are primarily around Stavelot, leading to the exclusion of renowned climbs like Côte de Wanne, Stockeu, Haute Levée, and Col du Rosier. To compensate, new climbs have been incorporated into the 'outward route' towards Bastogne, including Mur de Durbuy, Côte de Nadrin, and Côte de Bonnerue.

Post-Bastogne, the route includes challenging ascents like Côte de Roche-a-Frene and the picturesque Côte de Niaster. From Remouchamps, the path follows its traditional course, passing Redoute, Côte de Roche-aux-Faucons, and other iconic climbs leading to the finale.

Final thoughts

Although diverging from the professional course, the Challenge's spirit remains intact. It offers three routes, with the longest spanning over 250 kilometers and exceeding 4,000 meters in elevation. Participants get to ride alongside campers on the Redoute and other legendary locations just a day before the classic, where the enthusiastic crowds provide an extra boost. Despite the changes, the Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge continues to be an extraordinary experience.

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