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18-09-2022 | Herman Nekkers

Full results UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

Today, the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships were held in Trento, Italy, in perfect conditions. We are on site and will keep you updated on the results.

Latest update 16:08

All the results are here.

CycloWorld editor Nicolien Luijsterburg world champion in women's 40-44! She beat Elena Cairo of Italy in the spint.

Martha Maltha (NL) world champion in women's 35-39! She beats Italy's Maria Elena Palmisano (IT). The Dutch Mimi ter Beek comes a handsome third.

Slovenian Laura Simenc world champion in women's 19-34 ahead of Italian Martina Trevisol and Samantha Arnoudo.

The podiums of all men's categories are known. The wait is on for the first women.

Patrck Hagenaars (AT) wins in the men's 40-44 ahead of our Belgian friend Frederic Glorieux who was struggling with chain problems. CycloWorld ambassador Rick Groeneweg (NL) just misses out on the podium and comes 4th. 

Francesco Figini (IT) first in the men 35-39, our Belgian friend Tim Alleman finishing 3rd. Johnny Hoogerland 6th.

Kirchmair (AT) wins in men 19-34, Sieben Devalckeneer (BE) handsomely third.

Jeannie Longo (FR) wins Medio Fondo Women 60-64.

Nicolien Luisterburg sprints to world championships:

Check here all results.

Gran Fondo Male 19-34

  1. Stefan Kirchmair (AT)
  2. Dimitri Bussard (CH)
  3. Sieben Devalckeneer (BE)

Gran Fondo Male 35-39

  1. Francesco Figini (IT)
  2. Andrea Miotto (IT)
  3. Tim Alleman (BE)

Gran Fondo Male 40-44

  1. Patrick Hagenaars (AT)
  2. Fredric Glorieux (BE)
  3. Dean Bratus (SI)

CycloWorld-ambassador Rick Groeneweg becomes 4th! CycloWorld editor Wouter Fioole reached the 68th place of 144.

Gran Fondo Male  45-49

  1. Igor Kopse (SI)
  2. David de Vecchi (FR)
  3. Loic Herbreteau (FR)

Gran Fondo Male 50-54

  1. Roger Devittori (CH)
  2. Bernd Hornetz (DE)
  3. Coen de Wit (NL)

Gran Fondo Male 55-59

  1. Michael Schaefer (DE)
  2. Wolfgang Hofmann (DE)
  3. Walter Lehki (AT)

Gran Fondo Female 19-34

  1. Laura Simenc (SI)
  2. Martina Trevisol (IT)
  3. Samantha Arnoudo (IT)

Gran Fondo Female 35-39

  1. Martha Maltha (NL)
  2. Maria Elena Palmisano (IT)
  3. Mimi ter Beek (NL)

Gran Fondo Female 40-44

  1. Nicolien Luijsterburg (NL)
  2. Elena Cairo (IT)
  3. Florence le Gallic (FR)

Gran Fondo Female 45-49

  1. Christina Rausch (DE)
  2. Ils van der Moeren (BE)
  3. Amy Phillips (US)

Medio Fondo Male 60-64

  1. Giorgio Chiarini (IT)
  2. Stefano Collage (IT)
  3. Giovanni Lattanzi (IT)

CycloWorld team member Luc Nouwen (BE) became 67th of 117 starters.

Medio Fondo Male 65-69

  1. Silvano Janes (IT)
  2. Erwin Hickl (DE)
  3. Johann Taucher (AT)

Medio Fondo Male 70-74

  1. Rudolf Sluyts (BE)
  2. Liberto Correas (FR)
  3. Jac Roemermann (NL)

Medio Fondo Male 75-79

  1. Josef Bichl (AT)
  2. Rudi Ravbar (SI)
  3. Christian Gibelin (FR)

Medio Fondo Male 80-84

  1. Silvano Assaloni (IT)
  2. Mecislavs Bartusevics (LV)
  3. Herbert Lackner (AT)

Medio Fondo Male 85-89

  1. Arthur Duncan (SA) 
  2. -
  3. -

Medio Fondo Female 50-54

  1. Giuseppina Michaela Bergozza (IT)
  2. Marijke de Smedt (BE)
  3. Luisa Isonni (IT)

Medio Fondo Female 55-59

  1. Olga Capiello (IT)
  2. Maria Cristina Prati (IT)
  3. Elena Pancari (IT)

Medio Fondo Female 60-64

  1. Jeannie Longo (FR)
  2. Carol McCallum (NZ)
  3. Patrizia Cabella (IT)

Medio Fondo Female 65-69

  1. Tarja Simakkala (FI)
  2. Sabina Hickmet (GB)
  3. Jozefa Anzel (SI)

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