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01-05-2024 | Frank Jansen | 2 Comments

Mallorca 312 regains momentum with significantly improved organization

Following the disastrous 2022 and 2023 editions, the big question was how Mallorca 312 would fare this year. However, the organizers managed to get things off to a good start. The 8,000 participants enjoyed a well-organized edition without any significant incidents, with the Belgians dominating the race.

© Mallorca 312

Optimal weather conditions

Weather forecasts were beyond anyone's control. Moderate weather conditions had plagued the island all week, but last Saturday everything turned out just right. The 8,000 participants experienced a dry and moderately warm day. The conditions couldn't have been better.


New for this year, start boxes were introduced for the first time. Riders could still switch distances during the event. However, not all 312 riders were at the front, indicating that the system needs improvement. On a positive note, the event started on time, which the 312 participants appreciated, especially given the strict cut-off times.

Considerable improvements were made to the feed stations, both in terms of quantity and variety. Additionally, the organization decided to withdraw the previously announced mandatory requirement to wear the 312 shirt, much to the delight of many participants. By the way, this year's shirt was white and green (see photo), a design that received positive feedback.

© Mallorca 312

Did everything go perfectly then? No, a minor printing error on the route map made the middle distance appear longer than it actually was. Also, the promised marketplace for starting tickets never materialized. But these were minor details; overall, the quality was significantly higher than in recent years.

Belgian dominance

In the men's event, the 312 distance was won by Swiss cyclist Roman Locher. Willem Haspelach (BE) from secured P2, while Bart van Damme (BE) from Shifting Gears completed the podium. Belgium was strongly represented at the top, with 8 Belgians finishing in the top 10.

In the women's category, a Belgian emerged victorious: Sylvia Hermans from claimed the win, followed by Yvonne Margraf (DE) and Cemile Trommer (DE).

This year, numerous VIPs participated, including Alberto Contador and Annemiek van Vleuten.

All results can be found here.

Comments (2)

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  01 May, 2024     27 days ago     Reply

De organisatie was op een aantal punten inderdaad beter dan vorig jaar. Met name de bevoorradingsposten. Deze waren nu dik in orde! Maar 312 rijders die vooraan werden gezet?! Dat is dus absoluut niet waar! Wij waren met een groep waarvan negen rijders zich hadden ingeschreven voor de 312. Hiervan stonden er drie in het gele (op één na achterste) startvak. De andere zes stonden in het rode (achterste) startvak. Ook ik stond in het rode vak en het duurde 23 minuten voordat wij de startlijn passeerden. Jammer voor de toppers in onze groep die in een tijd van tussen de 9,5 en 10 uur de 312 rijden maar hierdoor alsnog een mooie uitslag kunnen vergeten. Wij blijven het heel vreemd vinden dat de ‘gun-time’ gebruikt wordt om de ranking op te maken i.p.v. de ‘chrono-time’. Dat laatste zou een stuk eerlijker zijn….

Frank Jansen 

  01 May, 2024     27 days ago
Hoi Fietsstertje, thanks voor je reactie. Ik heb het stuk wat aangepast aan de hand van je reactie. We waren niet helemaal juist geïnformeerd. Groeten, Frank

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