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03-06-2022 | Frank Jansen

Marmotte winner Raphaël Addy suspended for 2 years

Raphäel Addy won La Marmotte last September. However, his victory had a black lining: he missed the doping control. According to eyewitnesses, he took off  as fast as he could when he realized he had to go to the control. He himself said that he had stomach problems. During the ride, however, there were already major doubts about his enormous superiority. 

French doping authority doesn't give up

CycloWorld already inquired months ago with the French doping authority whether a conviction would follow. We never got ans answer.

However, the story is now coming to a close. Addy is suspended by his own Swiss cycling federation for 2 years. Whether Cycling Classics France will take away his Marmotte victory is not yet clear. The French have always said they are waiting for the French doping authority. Now that Addy got a suspension from the Swiss federation, it's not clear what the consequences of that will be. The most logical scenario is of course that he has to hand in his Marmotte victory.

That would mean that Dutchman Kenny Nijssen would be declared the winner posthumously. But that's not definitive at this point. We have of course asked Cycling Classics France for a reaction. They say their view remains the same: they will have for the French doping authority.

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