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30-05-2023 | Redactie

Mecklenburger Seen Runde 2023: one to remember

Our follower Manasse van de Velde won a ticket to the Mecklenburger Seen Runde through our giveaway. A Sportive of no less than 300 kilometers in the northeast of Germany. He sent us the report below.

What a great day and weekend! Nice camping with wife and kids and on Saturday the Mecklenburger Seen Runde. I went to bed on time the night before. Slept pretty well at first, but from 1:00 no more. At 3:00 the alarm goes off. Before that time you can hear noises everywhere on the campsite from people getting up, alarm clocks going off and so on. I had reserved a breakfast with the organization before the start and used it in the start/finish village. I can't say other than it was top notch.

Nice pace

I had chosen to start at 4:20. With about fifty other people, we rode under the starting arch. On the first climb after 3 kilometers the groups form right away. I hook up with Mathis, Joon and Jack, my German cycling buddies for the day. The four of us set a nice pace. Communication is not easy... German and English while cycling is sometimes a bit tricky. But we manage just fine and the cooperation is good. From 125 km, Jan from Bremen joins us. He also keeps up nicely. From the stop at 195 km it gets a lot more difficult. The last 100 km we're battling a 10 knot head wind. So we decide to actually stop at every feed station. By the way, the feed stations are perfect. Everything you want is there. Just awesome. The volunteers are also very helpful. Something else that stands out is that the fellow road users treat you nicely. We can definitely learn something from that in the Netherlands and Belgium!


From 60 km before the finish it gets really tough. The strong head wind combined with those short climbs in the landscape. Keep going is the motto. The beer at the finish is already calling us in the distance! Just before 16:00 we passed the finish line where my girlfriend and children were waiting for us. Satisfied but very tired, we're having a drink together. In the meantime the sun has come out and we enjoy sitting down. The finish village has a nice vibe. This is a perfect end to this day on the bike. One to remember!

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