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29-05-2024 | Frank Jansen

Review: Naos Vuori shades

The still young eyewear company Naos wants to do things differently. The two Belgian founders (and also brothers) make high-quality eyewear that looks good without making you pay top dollar right away. We tested one of their flagship models, the Vuori.

Naos Vuori sunglasses in black

Lenses and styles

The Vuori can be ordered in seven different colors, and you also have a choice of three different lenses: standard, polarized, and photochromic. The standard lens is suitable for all-around use, the polarized lens is intended for conditions with lots of light, and the photochromic lens adapts automatically to the light conditions. Our test model is equipped with the standard lens.

If you have a small nose, a smaller fitting is also included. Nothing else needs to be adjusted for the fit. Also included are a case and a cleaning cloth that doubles as a storage bag.

The Vuori is partially frameless, similar to the well-known Oakley Radar. The advantage of this design is that the less frame there is, the less it obstructs your field of vision. While wearing it, the frame does not bother me at all, which is nice. I also personally think a partial frame looks much nicer than completely frameless glasses.

The weight comes in at 33 grams, which is in line with the competition.

Side view of Naos Vuori sunglasses

User experience

The glasses make a very solid impression, exactly what you would expect in this segment. The wearing comfort is very good, thanks to the soft rubber nose piece. A major plus is that the glasses stayed in place under all circumstances; I never had to push them back into place, even after a bouncy descent on the MTB. The rubber on the inside of the legs, instead of ear socks, is also a positive feature - ear socks tend to get lost sooner or later.

I tested the lens in various conditions: sunny weather, gray weather, in the woods, on the MTB, on the gravel bike, and just on the road. The all-round lens performed satisfactorily in all these conditions. Only indoors do you really have to take it off, but that's normal. Compared to the standard lens on my Oakley Sutro Prizm, the lens is just a tad lighter, which is especially nice in the woods.

Changing the lens is simple and quick, although I still believe it is more convenient to have a separate pair of glasses with a transparent visor. Changing lenses very often does not improve the quality of a frame. However, it is nice that it is possible if your lens gets damaged. The lenses can be ordered separately on the Naos website.

Naos Vuori sunglasses showing lens detail

In terms of looks, the Vuori follows the trend of big sunglasses. The design clearly has many similarities to the S3 from 100%. Of course, taste is subjective. Personally, I find them a bit more elegant than my Oakley Sutro Prizm, for example.


The Vuori has a starting price of €100. For that money, you get the standard lens. The polarized lens costs an additional €10, and the photochromic lens costs €35 extra. Whatever version you order, a transparent lens is always included as an extra - ideal for the winter months and during bad weather. In the end, you'll spend a few tens of dollars less than the aforementioned competitors.


The Vuori is a fine and extremely comfortable pair of glasses that stay on well and have a very good lens that you can use in almost all conditions. The price is slightly lower than its direct competitors, making the price/quality ratio excellent. I have not discovered any real disadvantages, although the design is, of course, a matter of taste. Highly recommended!

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