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24-10-2023 | Frank Jansen

Sportful Dolomiti Race presents new routes

The Sportful Dolomiti Race, one of Italy's most popular and possibly the most challenging gran fondo, is undergoing a significant transformation. The iconic Manghen route is being replaced by a host of exciting new changes.

What's changing?

Interestingly, the new course retains only the final climb from the old route. This means that not only is the Manghen no longer on the itinerary, but the Passo Rolle and the Cima Campo have also been omitted. In their place, riders will commence their journey with the challenging Forcella Franche, followed by the demanding Passo Duran. If the latter sounds familiar, it's because long ago it was part of the Maratona route, adding a fresh element to the race.

Following the Duran, participants will tackle the Forcella Staulanza, which, at 1766 meters, marks the highest point of the course. A lengthy descent follows, leading to the Aurine and the Cereda, culminating in the ascent of the Croce d'Aune - the sole climb that remains from the previous route. The overall figures remain relatively consistent: a 200 km route with a total elevation gain of 5,000 meters.

This change isn't entirely new, as it essentially returns the course to the one used up to 2013.

A new medio fondo course

The shorter route has also undergone a transformation, offering a condensed version of the gran fondo. The numbers speak for themselves: a 123 km course with a solid 2850 meters of climbing. It's far from a casual ride.

Olympic Games connection

These changes are directly related to the 2026 Winter Olympics, according to the event's organizers. The Winter Olympics will be hosted by Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo, with the latter located in the province of Belluno, just like the starting point of the gran fondo in Feltre. This shift has led to the decision to have the entire route within the "Olympic province" of Belluno, departing from the previous route that ventured partially into Trento. The organizers believe that participating in this gran fondo shares many parallels with Olympic competition, emphasizing teamwork, challenge, and effort that ultimately results in an unforgettable experience.

For detailed route information, both old and new, you can visit our collection on Komoot.

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