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01-08-2023 | Frank Jansen

5 more do's for event organizers

Earlier we published our Top-5 do's for event organizers. We received so much response that it's time for part 2. Thanks to all your suggestions: what appeals to you about a cycling event?

1. Atmospheric finish

Whether it's a gran fondo or a sportives, it's always nice when there's something to talk about afterwards. Preferably with smoking BBQs, cold drinks, an expo, and musical entertainment.

Photo: A mega-expo at L'Étape du Tour
Photo: A mega-expo at L'Étape du Tour

2. Smooth procedure of picking up start numbers

For sportives, nothing beats the scan & go system. Not only is it fast, but it can also be done with the bike in hand so there is no risk of theft.

At gran fondos, you usually collect your start ticket at a sports hall or a large tent. It is then desirable that clear lines are formed based on start numbers. Should you need to identify yourself, this should be clearly indicated in advance. The opening hours should be generous, and for local riders, it is convenient if it is also possible on the morning itself.

3. Good photo service

It sounds so simple, but it's not. A good photo service meets a number of requirements. First, of course, the quality of the photos must be good. There are several photographers on the course, with careful consideration given to the best locations. This includes both climbs and descents. Photos will be available soon after the event and easy to find. Photos may well cost money, but keep it reasonable.

Photograph: Sportograf is and always has been the benchmark when it comes to event photography.Photograph: Sportograf is and always has been the benchmark when it comes to event photography.

4. A handy 'handlebar sign'

We are increasingly unenthusiastic about handlebar signs. They get in the way, clatter, are not aerodynamic and with a computer mount, it is not easy to mount them properly, especially if you no longer have external cables. We would rather see a race number around the seat post, combined with a helmet sticker for easy recognition in photos. Just a helmet sticker is also good. Back numbers (with colors!) are especially useful when riding in categories; you can then see if your competitors are riding ahead of you. If not, they have little added value and mainly provide hassle with safety pins.

Photo: Seat post signs at 3Rides Aachen. A helmet sticker made for easier recognition for the photos.

5. Guarded bike parking

Your biggest nightmare is, of course, that your bike gets stolen during an event. A guarded bike parking is, therefore, a must. Preferably with a fool proof system like at the Schleck Gran fondo: upon showing your bib number (which must match the handlebar plate), you get your bike back. Simple and virtually foolproof.

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