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29-06-2024 | Frank Jansen

Orlando and Pauchet win La Marmotte

La Marmotte commenced a day earlier than scheduled due to the French elections. The weather conditions were reasonable, with Italian Orlando taking the men's race and local rider Pauchet dominating the women's competition.

La Marmotte 2024
© Loïc Ruffaut

Galibier open

As anticipated, the final stretch of the Galbier opened just in time despite last week's severe weather in the Alps. However, due to rough winds the riders still had to use the tunnel.

Men's race results

In the men's race, Italian Guipesse Orlando secured victory. This year's win adds to his triumph at the Sportful Dolomiti Race, with a third-place finish last year at the Maratona dles Dolomites. Orlando completed the race in 5h23, improving by two minutes from last year, placing ahead of Loïc Ruffaut, who finished second this year. However, the course record set by Kirchmair in 2022 (5h20) remained unbeaten.

The podium was completed by Tim Alleman (BE). Damien Jeanjean of France, briefly declared last year's winner, finished fourth. Frederic Glorieux (BE) took fifth place, while multiple-time winner Kenny Nijssen (NL) finished in seventh.

Women's race results

In the women's race, France secured the top two spots on the podium, with the Netherlands earning bronze. A notable detail: Julie Heimer is the girlfriend of Loïc Ruffaut. The results are as follows:

  1. Aurore Pauchet (FR)
  2. Julie Heimer (FR)
  3. Inez van Hulsen (NL)

For all results, you can check here.

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