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08-06-2023 | Frank Jansen

Courses UCI GF Worldchampionships presented

It took a while, but the course of the UCI Gran Fondo Worldchampionships in Scotland is finally official. Mountain goats better stay home, because there are not very many climbing to be done.

Gran fondo

The route starts in finish in Perth, a city of about 45,000 inhabitants an hour from Glasgow. The course is 160 km long, has 1663 meters of elevation and only three climbs of 5-7 kilometers each. Men through 59 and women through 49 ride this route. More details can be found here.

Medio fondo

The shorter route has 85 km with 777 meters of elevation. Men over 59 and women over 49 ride the medio fondo. More info can be found here.

Time trial

The course of the time trial has also been revealed. The route start and finish in Dundee is 22.8 km long and has only 89 meters of elevation. Unlike usual, the time trial is after the road race, on Aug. 7. The gran fondo and medio fondo are scheduled on August 4.

Qualification mandatory

Who wants to compete in the road race and/or the time trial must qualify by riding among the top 25% in his or her age category in one of the qualifying races.

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