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27-09-2023 | Frank Jansen

Courses UCI WK Gravel announced

It took a while, but courses for the UCI Gravel Worlds have finally been published. The World Championships will take place Oct. 7 and 8 near Trevisio, Italy.

Gran fondo

For the men under 50, the course is 164 km long, with about 1,900 meters of elevation. There are nine climbs to overcome along the way. The shortest of these is 400 meters, the longest 2.4 km. According to Komoot, about half of the course consists of paved roads. Interestingly, start/finish are spaced apart. That could present a logistical challenge.

For that matter, the pros ride almost the same route.

Medio fondo

Ladies and men over 50 ride a slightly shorter route. This one has 136 km and 1700 meters of elevation. Again, the pros ride virtually the same route.

On this route, too, about half is paved. This route has eight climbs.

More details can be found on the official website.

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