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16-03-2024 | Frank Jansen

Review: Never2Far and Canyon bar end bells

Bike bells are essential, particularly in crowded areas. Cleverly concealing a bell is an art, with the handlebar cap being a prime spot. We put two bar-end bells to the test: one from Canyon and another from Never2Far.

The Never2Far bell on the left and the Canyon bell on the right
Photo: The Never2Far on the left, the Canyon on the right.

Sound production

We used an iPhone decibel meter app to gauge the sound levels of both bells, comparing them with other models. Note that these measurements are specific to our device and setting. Each bell was tested in a quiet room, positioned 1 meter away, with 20 attempts recorded. We noted the highest reading.

Never2Far96 dB
Canyon Road Cycling Bell85 dB
Hidemybell (standard)80 dB
Hidemybell (Raceday)81 dB
KNOG Oi79 dB
No name €2,50 bell 92 dB

Video: The black clapper indicates the Canyon bell.

Never2Far Bell

The Never2Far bell, retailing for €17.90 on their website, comes in various colors, with a silver/gold clapper. Easy to install by replacing the handlebar cap, it's sturdy and simple to use. Tightening is done with an allen key. Its sound is loud and high-pitched, surprisingly powerful for its size. Our field tests confirm its effectiveness, even for aging fellow road users. A nice feature of any bar end bell is that possibility to ring from the drop bars, something that's not possible with many other bells. 

The Never2Far bell, showing different color options with a silver clapper
Photo: The Never2Far bell, available in various colors with a gold/silver clapper.

Canyon Road Cycling Bell

Exclusively sold on Canyon's website for €20.95, this bell is available only in black, including the clapper, lending it a subtle appearance. Its design is a bit more angular than the Never2Far, and it mounts differently, tightening the bell itself rather than using an allen key. While its clapper feels less robust than Never2Far's, the sound it produces is adequately loud and of similar tone. Overall, it performs reliably in practice.

Canyon's bell, in black, showcasing a less conspicuous design
Photo: Canyon's bell is less loud and less noticeable.


Bar-end bells, such as these, offer a budget-friendly alternative to options like Hidemybell. What impressed us most was their ease of use. Whether you prefer the look of a bar-end bell over a Hidemybell is subjective. Personally, it's not a concern. Choosing between Never2Far and Canyon boils down to your preferences: louder and sturdier vs. subtler design. Both excel in functionality, but my pick is the Never2Far – it's staying on my bike for now!

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