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31-12-2099 | Frank Jansen

Stagni's statement on Instagram

"Forgive my silence these days, but before responding to the accusations received, I preferred to protect myself by confronting my attorney. I will try to fully answer all the doubts arising from the material posted by some Instagram pages and the questions presented to me on social media.

The bicycle that I used normally (1) has a problem with the frame so, in agreement with Gianluca, we mounted a bicycle (2) ad hoc for the race (as already happened in all the other editions in which I participated). Bike (1) was used by Gianluca to go to the provisioning on Campolongo Pass, then descend to Corvara for the awards ceremony. Bicycle (2) was taken outside the barriers during the podium ceremony to avoid leaving it unattended (we've already had 3 stolen from us this year).

Once outside I returned to the hotel with my bicycle (1) as I took it home.

Unfortunately, in the store there was no complete bike groupset (2) having a power meter. So alas I do not have that data. However, I hope you can indulge in comparing the heatrate data of this race with others...if you are good at doing the proportions you can derive the approximate watts (67.4 kg the day before the race).

Issue 3: distance from the group. Halfway through Campolongo I was refueling, exactly like at the top of Giau...I at 5 meters, sorry. Fortunately, just this afternoon the Marathon put the summary of the footage on YouTube so you can have fun counting how many meters I was behind the group. ... for once I don't do ready to go and limo a little I didn't think I would offend the followers.

Issue 4: the magic button. Here you put me on the spot: if one asked me what happens in that frame I would be the first to say that I activate something ... .. except that only what was convenient was captured.... I'll put you more frames for clarity. both hands Doubts: 1) Isn't this an involuntary movement after hours of running under stress? 2) If YOU were to mount a motor in the bike, where would you put the fire button? On the lever that if you fall it will turn on and make the hyper figure or protected to any falls (maybe in the middle of the handlebars)? 3) If YOU had a 2' lead on the second with 2.5 km to go with the RAI bike a the camera pointed at you, would you turn the motor on? Mostly in the downhill of the Mur del Gat.. I'll stop at 4 because it's depressing enough to have to explain that I have always taken competitive appointments with commitment and dedication, without cheating opponents but especially friends. If you have any further doubts or questions please ask them directly to me and not to my acquaintances or fellow teams. Net thank all the people who have supported me in this struggle, and all those who have believed in me by making me the for the feast, congratulations would like to point out that LEGAL PROVENANCES ARE ALREADY BEEN ENTERED FOR DEFAMATION TO THE DAMAGE I IMAGINE TO ME, THE TEAM AND THE SHOP."

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