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23-10-2023 | Frank Jansen

10 tips for combining a city trip with a cycling event

1. Neusiedler See Radmarathon

Escape the misconception that Austria is all about challenging climbs! The Neusiedler See Radmarathon, scheduled for April 21, '24, covers a manageable 600 meters of elevation across 125 kilometers. This UCI gran fondo event unfolds in southeastern Austria, nestled in the picturesque Burgenland region, near the Hungarian border. What's even better is that the starting town, Mörbisch am See, is just an hour away from the enchanting city of Vienna. Don't miss the opportunity to secure your starting ticket at a 25% discount through us.

2. Madrid 7 Picos

Experience the well-organized Madrid 7 Picos semi-gran fondo, commencing in Buitrago de Lozoya, a mere 60 km from Madrid. The longest route stretches over 191 kilometers, featuring 7 challenging climbs and 3422 meters of elevation. The breathtaking scenery and the pleasant, not-too-hot weather, typically during early September, make this event a must-do. Furthermore, Madrid itself is a city that belongs on every cyclist's bucket list, offering a rich blend of art, culture, and hospitality. If you need more convincing, check out our report from our visit last year.

Photo: Stunning landscapes, just a stone's throw from Madrid.

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3. Velocity Berlin

Often touted as the most vibrant city in Germany, Berlin's historical significance is undeniable. This accessible city, reachable by car, plane, or train from the Benelux countries, hosts the exhilarating Velocity Berlin. This car-free, high-speed gran fondo offers both 120 km and 60 km options and is set for August 4, 2024. While Germany boasts alternatives like Rund um Köln and the Skoda Velotour in Frankfurt, none quite rival the allure of Berlin.


Explore the enchanting city of Maastricht, the Netherlands' most exciting destination, with the versatile 3RIDES event. Maastricht's charming Vrijhof, delightful restaurants, and vibrant city center offer a unique experience. The 3RIDES bike fest is equally diverse, with options like the UCI Gravel Race on May 12, sportives for both road and gravel enthusiasts, and a UCI gran fondo the following day.

Photo: 3RIDES stands out as one of Europe's most versatile cycling events.

5. Sportful Dolomiti Race

In the southeastern Dolomites, just an hour's drive from Venice, Italy's most challenging gran fondo awaits on June 16. The end of June offers pleasant conditions to tackle this demanding event, which spans 200 km with over 5000 meters of climbing. For those seeking a slightly less intense experience, there's a medio fondo option.

Photo: Sportful unveils a new course for 2024.

6. Ötztaler Radmarathon

The Ötztaler Radmarathon needs no introduction, and the once-Olympic city of Innsbruck is equally captivating. Innsbruck, often referred to as the capital of the Alps, offers a wealth of attractions, including architectural wonders, a bustling city center, and numerous shops. This remarkable event is scheduled for September 1, 2024, returning to its traditional spot on the calendar.

7. The Tour of Flanders

Every cycling enthusiast should experience the Tour of Flanders for amateurs, also known as We Ride Flanders. This demanding sportive takes place on March 30, 2024, and offers a taste of authentic Flemish cycling, albeit with somewhat unpredictable early-season weather. Riders embarking on the longest route begin their journey in Antwerp, an attractive city to explore, especially if you appreciate shopping and savoring Belgian beer.

Photo: Launch your ride from Antwerp's bustling center at the Tour of Flanders.

8. Schleck Gran Fondo

The Schleck Gran Fondo on May 25 has quickly risen to prominence in the Benelux region, thanks in part to its UCI status. Rather than heading straight home after the finish, consider exploring Luxembourg City. With a compact center and a wealth of attractions, it offers a delightful post-event experience.

9. GF Mont Ventoux

Within an hour's drive of Bédoin, both Orange and Avignon provide compelling options for exploring alongside one of the many gran fondos around Mont Ventoux. The GF Mont Ventoux, set for June 9, is just one example. Orange and Avignon, steeped in Roman antiquities, beckon enthusiasts of ancient history. Orange's still-in-use amphitheater is among the world's most beautiful, and the iconic Pont d'Avignon is a must-see.

Photo: Mont Ventoux lies a stone's throw from both Orange and Avignon.

10. GFNY New York

New York requires no introduction as a city, and the roots of GFNY, Gran Fondo New York, make it all the more enticing. On May 19, 2024, immerse yourself in a car-free gran fondo that traverses the city and its surroundings. It offers a unique opportunity to check off iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, and the vibrant streets of Manhattan. Notably, the gran fondo serves as the official GFNY World Championship.

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