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01-12-2021 | Frank Jansen

Registration for 2 Norwegian monster events open

CycloWorld is putting ultra's center stage for a month. The perfect opportunity to announce that as of today it is possible to register for two of the well-known Norwegian ultra's (from the same organizer). We're talking about Jotunheimen Rundt and Styrkeprøven.

What is Jotunheimen Rundt?

This is a Norwegian sportive (so without time registration) of no less than 430 km and 4609m+. Good for place 3 in our ranking of toughest sportives, the CWIX250. Start and finish are in Lærdalsøyri, between Bergen and Oslo. The date: July 1, 2022.

What is Styrkeprøven?

One of the most famous and toughest ultra fondos in the world. According to the organization, it is the oldest tour in the world (first organized in 1967). Unlike Jotunheimen Rundt, this is an amateur race and not a sportive, so with time measurement and classification. However, there is no mass start, because you start in smaller groups. A staggering 568 km have to be covered, and also 3627m+. You ride from Trondheim south to Olso, which explains the alternative name of this event ("Trondheim-Oslo"). Let's hope for northern winds for the participants. You can participate individually, but most riders choose to sign up as a team.

We find Styrkeprøven at spot 3 of the CWIX500, the ranking for the toughest gran fondos. The date: June 17, 2022.

How to register?

Subscription can be done through the official website.

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