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09-02-2024 | Marcel van Herten

Participants wanted: research what does the active cyclist (w)eat?

That good nutrition is the key to an active and healthy life is well known. And you as a cyclist are also more than average aware that good (sports) nutrition contributes to a great day on the bike. Through various channels you can find an almost endless stream of information about the importance of healthy nutrition, nutrition for sports performance and even how to improve your performance.

Nutrition for cyclists

Below a list of events that should have the same name in German

Marmotte Granfondo Alpes

Grimpee Alpe d'Huez

Bike around the Buttes

California Classic Century Ride

Here some words which require translation for the translation list


Gravel of gravel

gravel riders


Eat2Ride research

Wageningen University & Research and Hospital Gelderse Vallei (SportsValley) have therefore set up the Eat2Ride research in cooperation with the NTFU. Marco Mensink (associate professor/researcher nutrition Wageningen University) explains:

Everyone is talking about it. But what exactly does the Dutch cyclist (w)eat? And what factors determine the differences in what you eat? This is, as crazy as it sounds, still not sufficiently known. So much is happening in the field of nutrition that we would like to have more insight into eating patterns, which in turn forms the basis for improving a sustainable, active, healthy and long cycling life.

The design

The survey consists of completing two online questionnaires. The first questionnaire is about sports and cycling-related issues, such as training frequency and intensity. But also about what you know about nutrition and how you get your information. The second questionnaire is about your average nutritional intake of the past month. The questionnaires will take 25 minutes twice



So if you are 18 years or older, you cycle at least once a week (cycling, MTB, gravel and/or virtual/indoor) please participate in this survey. By doing so you also contribute to the collection of important information for e.g. education and information campaigns of sports associations. More information and registration can be done here.

Curious about the results? Before the cyclo season starts, Marco Mensink and his team will let us know what you (w)eat. Then maybe the results of the survey can help you reach your cycling goal in 2024!

Disclaimer: Text automatically translated

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