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29-02-2024 | CycloWorld

The Ultimates: a self-supported ultra race through Switzerland

In 2023, the renowned Swiss gran fondo Tour des Stations expanded to include ultra distances in its gran fondo. For 2024, these ultra distances will evolve into a separate event: The Ultimates. Here, we delve into all the details.

The Ultimate Challenge

The Ultimates presents the finest of Switzerland. Beginning at the World Cycling Center's velodrome and culminating at Château d'Aigle, it traverses the Swiss Alps' most iconic landscapes. 

This race is a true test of endurance; the shortest route spans 333 km with an impressive 7,000 meters of elevation. It's accessible to the well-prepared, offering an ideal introduction to ultra cycling. For veteran ultra cyclists, there are longer options: 555 km with 13,000m+ and 1,000 km with 26,000 meters of elevation. The event spans from July 29 to August 4, allowing multiple days for completion. It's a competitive race, with the first to finish winning. However, it's more than a race against others; it's a personal challenge against rugged terrain and one's own limits. 


In 2023, feed stations were available, but in 2024, responding to the ultra community's request, they're removed. Thus, participants need to be self-sufficient. Efficient packing is key. The entry fee has been reduced as a result, with a 50% discount available for tickets purchased through us for just €195.

Stunning climbs

The route includes several legendary Swiss passes such as Grosse Scheidegg, Grimsel, Furka, and Nufenen pass. The Ultimates combine extraordinary views with demanding ascents, defining it as the quintessential cycling adventure. Discover more on the official website or our detailed page.

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