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21-11-2023 | Frank Jansen

Repairing a tubeless tire in 4 steps

Puncturing with tubeless tires: while the odds may be slim, it's still possible. Throwing away the tire is an unnecessary waste! Discover how to salvage it with our helpful guide.

When sealant fails to do the job, you might find a sizable hole or even a crack in your tire. Fear not—plug it up and ride on! Alternatively, you can opt to mount an inner tube and cover the crack with a banknote or an empty gel Some riders effortlessly cover numerous rides with a well-placed plug. While success is possible, it's not guaranteed, especially if the damage is in a high-stress area like the sidewall. A wiser approach is to repair the tire at home; after all, tossing it away is wasteful. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Before we proceed, a quick disclaimer: this repair has its limits. Small holes or cracks are manageable, but a larger crack renders the tire irreparable, and disposal becomes inevitable.

1. Remove the tire and clean the inside

Start by rinsing the rim and tire with a garden hose, then eliminate latex residue using a sanding fleece. The advantage of using a sanding fleece is the dual action of cleaning and sanding in one step. Keep it efficient; a few small latex residues won't cause harm.

2. Make the inside of the tire grease-free

Use a clean cloth with substances like spirit, brake cleaner, Dasty, soapy water, or any other degreaser. 

3. Patch up the hole

Employ special adhesives, such as those from TipTop. Let the solvent dry for a few minutes before applying the patch. Press the patch firmly with a clamp, maintaining pressure with your fingers for a few minutes.

4. Remount the tire

Now, reassemble the tire and replenish it with fresh latex. And you're done!

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