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07-12-2023 | Frank Jansen

UCI GF Suisse overhauls courses and adds UCI Gravel Race

The UCI Gran Fondo Suisse has long been a usual suspect on the UCI GF World Series calendar. Undergoing a comprehensive makeover, the event has transformed into an even more exhilarating celebration of climbing enthusiasts. Notably, the organizers are introducing a UCI Gravel Race, seamlessly integrated into the UCI Gravel World Series.

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Course innovations

The UCI GF Suisse's courses (Sunday, July 7) have undergone a complete rejuvenation. The new gran fondo boasts an elevation increase from 2300 to 3800 meters, with the route extending from 122 to 148 kilometers. Commencing in Villars-sur-Ollon, near Aigle in the French-speaking canton of Vaud, the medio fondo also features a new challenging route. Covering 95 kilometers with 2,500 meters of elevation, it promises no easy feat.

The climbs in this Swiss region are both gentle and challenging, encompassing the Col de la Croix, Col du Pillon, Mittelberg, and concluding atop the Col de la Croix, among others. Whether aspiring to qualify or simply seeking a fantastic gran fondo experience, this event delivers.

On Friday, July 5, preceding the gran fondo, a streamlined time trial course to the Col de la Croix has been introduced, spanning 7 kilometers with 440 meters of elevation. This alteration facilitates better participation coordination with the gran fondo and the new gravel race on Saturday. 

The revamped mountainous courses establish the UCI GF Suisse as the primary opportunity for dedicated climbers to secure qualification for the World Cup in Aalborg. Achieving a top 25% position in your age category during this event qualifies you for the UCI World Cup Gran Fondo. 

Photo: @aswisswithapulse ©

New addition: UCI Gravel Suisse

Introducing a fresh perspective, the UCI Gravel Suisse emerges as a fresh event on Saturday, July 6, 2024. Preceding the gran fondo on the road, cycling enthusiasts can now embrace two days of intense riding!

This inaugural gravel race is an integral part of the UCI Gravel World Series. Just like its road counterpart, UCI Gravel Suisse stands out as the only gravel race in the World Series featuring substantial climbing. The long route spans 110 kilometers with 2600 meters of elevation, while the medio fondo covers 61 kilometers with 1800 meters of elevation—serious uphill challenges!

To secure a spot in the Gravel World Championships in Leuven (Belgium), participants must strive for a top 25% position in their age group. Stay tuned to CycloWorld for updates and perhaps even a chance at a free ticket.

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