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16-05-2022 | Frank Jansen

Many climbs open earlier due to a dry winter and warm spring

The ski resorts had so hoped for it after 2 years of corona misery: a snowy winter. It turned out to be different. In December and January there was a fair amount of snow, but after that there was almost no snow at all. But there's a silver lining, for us cyclists. Many mountain passes open earlier than planned.

Warm spring

The early opening is not only caused by a lack of snow. The warm and sunny spring also plays a role. The Stelvio opens already in 4 days, on May 20. To give some context: after a winter with a lot of snow and/or a cold spring, this is sometimes only the end of June. The Timmelsjoch will open that same day.

And also in France, a number of passes open earlier than expected. The Galibier, Glandon and Croix de Fer are planned for this week. Maarten Alfrink of Hotel La Douce Montagne in Allemond reports that his guests have already ridden the Glandon - Croix de Fer today. Those passes are still officially closed, but there is no more snow.

"Yesterday, several of our guests already cycled the Glandon - Croix de Fer loop" - Maarten from Hotel La Douce Montagne

Open or closed?

Want to know if your favorite climb is already open? Check it yourself.

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