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27-08-2021 | CycloWorld redactie

Velomediane and Ötztaler Radmarathon live blog

29-08 16:38

Riders still coming in, live blog closed

While the top riders have taken a shower hours ago now, there are still many riders coming in. These are the real heroes of this race, because they have been suffering hell! The extra kilometers and elevation, combined with the low temperatures made this a very tough edition. It's also a good opportunity for us to close the live blog. Thanks for reading and until next time.

29-08 16:31

Rausch crushes competition in the ladies race

It's official now. Christina Rausch takes the flowers in the women's event. Veronika Weiss from Germany crosses the line no less than 35 minutes later. In 3rd place Bianca Somavilla from Austria. 

All results can be found here.

29-08 14:17

Winner's reaction

"The day went perfectly for me, even though I cramped up 5km before the finish. On the Brenner I already knew I had very good legs. On the Jaufen I felt the pace could be even faster and on the Timmelsjoch I gave everything. Now I live in Austria and I train in the mountains every day, I'm climbing much better than when I was a pro. I'm very happy with this victory.

29-08 13:56


Johnny Hoogerland wins the 40th edition of the Ötztaler Radmarathon. Congratulations Johnny! Hans-Jörg Leopold is second, Mattia de Marchi takes third place.

29-08 13:29

How about the ladies race?

No one knows, because the time registration is not working and there's no live footage. However, it looks as though Christina Rausch will win the race. In the meantime, Hoogerland just crossed the toll stations. Another 15 minutes and he's at the finish.

29-08 12:50

Hoogerland is coming

There's Johnny Hoogerland! He sees De Marchi riding in front of him. He drops him right away. Hoogerland on his way to victory.

29-08 12:28

De Marchi still leading

He's still smoothly pushing the pedals. De Marchi almost arrived at the last, very steep 8 kn of the Timmelsjoch. Three riders are on the chase, a few minutes behind. They don't appear to win time, but anything can happen on this beast.

29-08 12:17

Nijssen wins the GFNY Alpes Vaujany

Kenny Nijssen crossed the line first in Vaujany. He rode away from a group of 3 favourites. Congratulations Kenny!

29-08 11:50

De Marchi still leading

Mattia de Marchi is the first rider to arrive at the top of the Jaufenpass. At just under 2 minutes, a group including Glorieux and Hoogerland follows. De Marchi is no stranger, he was a pro at pro-continental rider for 1 year with Androni Giocattoli. Lately he has been riding mostly gravel.

29-08 10:58

Meanwhile in de GFNY Alpes Vaujany

The first group passes the foot of the Glandon. In the group, amongst others, Kenny Nijssen and Michiel Minnaert

29-08 10:46

Nothegger abandon

Mathias Nothegger, the big favorites and defending champion, has left the race before the top of the Brenner with back pain. In the meantime, Di Marchi has dropped Glorieux. He is now leading the race, on the Jaufen pas.

29-08 10:32

Christina Rausch leads women race

She's the first rider on the Brenner. She's been leading the race from the start.

29-08 10:19

Glorieux and De Marchi first on top

They have a gap of almost 5 minutes on the first chasing group, including Hoogerland. Another minute behind, the rest of the original leading group.

29-08 09:48

Attack Glorieux!

As tradition dictates, the leading group seemed to be riding the Brenner at a casual pace, but not for Glorieux, who attacks. With him is Mattia de Marchi.

29-08 08:39

Meanwhile in France.....

Envious images from France. Perfect weather conditions at the GFNY Alpes Vaujany Croix de Fer.

29-08 08:33

Lead group on the top of the Kühtai

The first group (of around 15 riders) passes the top of the Kühtai pass. In the group, amongst others: Nothegger, Hoogerland, Alleman, Glorieux and Hagenaars.

29-08 08:17

Favourites women's race

Who should we watch in the ladies race?

  • Christina Rausch (DU), winner ORM 2019
  • Monika Dietl (DU)
  • Sonia Passuti (IT) winner Sportful 2021 and Gavia/Mortirolo 2021
  • Ils Van der Moeren (BE)
  • Nadja Priedling (OOS)
  • Carla Mellema (NL)

29-08 07:22

Silzer Sattel

This year, the riders climb to the top op the Kühtai via the Silzer Sattel. If you are unfamiliar with this climb, check the profile... (and have mercy)

29-08 07:13

Thickly wrapped riders

Most participants took the organization's clothing advice to heart. We see warmly wrapped up riders with leg warmers, long gloves, buffs, shoe covers and raincoats.

29-08 06:49


Who should we watch? There's a strong field of riders at the start.

  • Enrico Zen (IT) – former winner ORM, Sportful and many others
  • Tomaso Elettrico (IT) – former winner Maratona and many other gran fondos
  • Daniel Debertin (DU) – regular podium contender
  • Tim Alleman (BE) – winner GFNY La Vaujany and friend of the show
  • Mathias Nothegger (OOS) - defending champion
  • Stefan Kirchmair (OOS) – Will he try and win or help his team?
  • Stefano Checchini (IT) – veelwinnaar o.a. ORM 2017
  • Johnny Hoogerland (NL) - the man to beat
  • Patrick Hagenaars (OOS)
  • Frederic Glorieux (BE)
  • Bernd Hornetz (OOS)
  • Bert Dekker (NL) – 4-time Marmotte winner. Back after many years of absence.

See the full list here.

29-08 06:53


The livestream is now online.

29-08 06:49

What is the weather doing in Sölden?

Good morning! The Ötztaler has started. The big question is: how will the weather hold up? Last night a small layer of snow fell high in the mountains, as we can clearly see on the webcams. At the moment it is dry in Sölden, about 6 degrees.

28-08 17:30

Velomediane: full results online

Results men:

1. Arnaud de Lie (BE)

2. Sieben Devalckneneer (BE)

3. Kristof Houben (BE)

Results women:

1. Tessa Neefjes (NL)

2. Camilla De Bleecker (BE)

3. Lieske Coumans (NL)

See all results.

28-08 15:30

Arnaud de Lie wins Velomediane, Sieben Devalckeneer fastest man in race

Belgian rider Arnaud de Lie has won the Velomediane in 4:34. Sieben Devalckeneer from Belgium finished second, but rode 4 minutes faster. However, he started at the back, so he could not go with the leaders.

Previous winner Anthony Spysschaert had a flat tire before Mabone and lost half an hour.

28-08 14:50

Soaking wet "F*ing fantastic!"

This year's Velomediane was a soaking wet edition. The first reactions from our people on the spot. The weather is the talk of the town.

CycloWorld follower Rick Groeneweg: "170 km dual sided waterboarding. Hell."

Wouter Fioole, our reporter: "Very wet, but so cool. F*ing fantastic!"

Peter Koens, our reporter: "It was the wettest edition ever."

Herman van Tilburg, mister podcast: "Rain, wind and cold all day."

28-08 09:55

Clothing advice from Ötztaler organization

The Ötztaler Radmarathon will be an epic edition. First there was the new, though route and the earlier start. Now the bad weather forecast is dominating the news. The organization even comes up with a clothing advice.

28-08 08:43

It is rainy in the Ardennes

The starting area is filling up. Mixed group of many Belgians and Dutch. Organisation good so far. The first drops are falling. "It is cold and wet", according to CycloWorld volunteer Peter Koens.

28-08 07:43

It's dry in the Ardennes

It's foggy and the roads are wet, but it's dry. Around 9:30 the first shower is expected, but it seems as though it's going to be a relatively dry day.

28-08 06:30

Who are the favourites for the Velomediane?

We asked gran fondo top rider Frederic Glorieux, who's is in Austria himself to ride the Ötztaler. "Anthony Spysschaert (who won in 2019) is participating again. For me, Sieben Devalkeneer is also a contender, he is an elite rider and recently won the polka dot jersey in the Tour de Namur. Furthermore, I hope that my teammate and Dutchman Matthijs Koedijk will do well."

27-08 19:15

Dramatric Ötztaler weather forecast 

It may not be Kaiserwetter in the Ardennes, but in Austria it is a lot worse. Pretty wet and cold weather is predicted in the Austrian Alps: temperatures are below 10 degrees and quite a bit of rain. Above 2000m even snow is possible. While the weather was still fine today.... Let's hope it's not too bad.

27-08 15:40

Moderate weather forecast in the Ardennes

The weather forecasts for tomorrow are moderate although it certainly could have been worse. "Locally there are a few showers. From the afternoon the chance of showers increases, possibly with a local thunderclap," reports This afternoon, the clouds are already coming in..

27-08 15:33

Time limits for Criq known

The time limits are as always very tight with the Criq, especially for young riders. You'll have to be fast if you want to go for gold.

27-08 15:30

Ötztaler over alternative course

It had been in the air for a while, but it also became official last night. The 40th edition of the Ötztaler is about the Silzer Sattel. The start is therefore also earlier, at 6:30. This edition is 10 km longer than normal, and provides 250 additional meters of elevation. Tough cookie!

27-08 15:10

Great atmosphere and nice weather in La Roche

CycloWorld reader Rick Groeneweg sent us some pictures. The atmosphere is good and the village is slowly filling up with cyclists.

27-08 14:03

Live blog opened

Welcome to the live blog. This weekend we will keep you informed about the developments in the Velomediane Criquielion, the Ötztaler Radmarathon and other gran fondos taking place this weekend. Would you like to submit something yourself? Mail to

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