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21-03-2023 | Frank Jansen

Four CycloWorld crew members on their experiences with JOIN

A lot has been said about JOIN. We at CycloWorld are also avid users. How do we like the app so far?

What is JOIN?

Maybe you don't know JOIN yet. With this app, you create an adaptive training schedule based on your availability and goal. Adaptive means that the schedule is continuously adjusted. Missed workout, did something else, or sick? The schedule adjusts itself automatically. You can adjust your availability on a weekly or even daily basis. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Extend JOIN's free trial by two weeks

Improve your ride

JOIN Cycling is the #1 app for your smart, flexible and personal training schedule. Exclusively for CycloWorld readers, we have a unique offer. An extended free trial period! This will introduce you to 28 days of dynamic training schedules that adapt to your personal profile, training history, progress, training goal and busy life.


What do we think of JOIN?

Wouter Fioole (user for over a year)

'My experiences are good. What I like most is that it provides structure, but within what I can do. Fixed schedules don't always fit into the actual available time I have. I then simply adjust in JOIN my availability for that day, both when I can't and when I'm going to do something else ... and here you go, you have a new, appropriate, workout ready to go! For me as a 'schedule slave', this is just perfect. In addition, I usually really enjoy the workouts. There's almost always enough variety in the blocks to make sure it doesn't get boring.'

Marcel Klapwijk (user for over a year)

'A pleasant app that suits cyclists who want or need flexibility. Ideal for me to follow a schedule in outline and still be able to deviate if I need a different type of training, ride or race. It also gives me enough direction to see the impact of changing available hours or intensity of workouts. I myself am not disciplined enough to rigidly follow a schedule, so I like having insight into the outline. It forces me to train with sufficient intensity since I quickly get too easy on myself. If you want everything worked out to the decimal point, then getting a trainer is better. He or she can adjust what suits you personally and also explain things. I therefore think that a little basic knowledge of training is necessary and useful when using JOIN.'

Rick Groeneweg (user since two months)

'I have been training with JOIN for over two months now and I can say I like it. Although I don't always listen to Jim [the founder of JOIN], it is a perfect guide for me. I follow JOIN's schedule for the most part, but especially in the beginning, I couldn't always hold myself back. Now that I am getting closer to my goal, the workouts are getting harder and it appears to have been the ideal path for me to come out of winter strong. I am stronger than last year at this time, the first race has already been won, now see how the UCI Gravel races (main goal) go.'

Frank Jansen (user since five months

'I've worked with a professional trainer several times and dropped out each time because I felt trapped in the schedule. With JOIN, I don't have that. I don't try to follow the schedule one hundred percent, I deviate from it when I want to. I can, and that's exactly what makes it so unique. In the beginning I found the workouts quite simple to execute, but once you've been at it for a while that becomes less so. Recently I rode my first MTB race and there I felt very strong. That gives confidence. The app is very user-friendly and easy to use.'

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