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11-01-2023 | Frank Jansen

Five tips from WorldTour trainer Jim van den Berg from JOIN

Exercise physiologist and WorldTour trainer Jim van den Berg is the big man behind the app. He was recently with us on the podcast. What are his top tips?

1. Training is simple

There are only three things you can influence: intensity, volume and frequency. And the only thing you know for sure is if you always do the same thing, you won't get better.

2. Forget sober training

Because there are quite a few risks there while the added value is limited.

3. Don't blindly move a skipped workout

But adjust your entire schedule. You guessed it: with, this is done automatically. This makes the app truly unique.

4. A power meter is key

If you train with a schedule. It can also be based on heart rate alone, but it is not ideal.

5. Endurance training will always be he foundation for gran fondo riders

Alas, there are no real shortcuts. Hours on the bike is what it's all about.

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