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10-05-2023 | Frank Jansen

Five tips for the perfect bike fitting

Last week, bike fitter Peter Kraaijvanger from Specialized was a guest on our podcast (in Dutch). What are his best tips for the perfect bike fitting?

Retül bike fitting

1. Choose a dynamic bikefit

In other words a bike fit that doesn't just involve measuring, but riding.

2. You might think your current position is just fine. But perhaps it could be even better.

3. Look beyond the adjustment of just the bike

Things like the handlebars, footbeds and saddle should also be looked at. And possibly even adjusted.

4. Do a bike fit at the end of the season

For example, in October. Then you are still in shape, but you have no gran fondos or sportives ahead of you. Time enough to fine-tune your position.

5. Don't just copy the pros

You see it a lot with the pros: shifters that are inward, mini handlebars and very small frames. But they're not necessarily the best examples for us amateurs.

Further reading: The (non)sense of a (dynamic) bike fitting

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