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01-11-2023 | Ella van der Veer

Five awesome MTB marathons in the Ardennes

The Ardennes, often hailed as a cycling paradise, beckons cyclists, gravel riders, and MTB enthusiasts. Situated not far from the Netherlands, it boasts slightly elevated peaks compared to South Limburg, promising a challenge suitable for all skill levels. For mountain biking, you'll find a multitude of designated routes and trail centers of varying difficulties. Additionally, in the MTB season (April - September), you can participate in several thrilling MTB marathons.

Challenging terrain

Don't underestimate the Ardennes, as they demand a higher level of technical skill compared to the Netherlands. Riding here entails navigating loose rocks, tree roots, and sometimes poorly maintained firebreaks, and tackling steep uphill climbs with gradients ranging from 15% to 20%. Route builders even include steep walls just before the finish. Nevertheless, participating in a race or tour in the Ardennes is a must-do experience. Afterward, the vibrant atmosphere at the finish line provides an ideal backdrop for post-ride conversations over drinks and food.

If you're contemplating a mountain bike marathon in the Ardennes, here are five events worth considering. As a final tip, consider using a 30 or 32-tooth chainring for an optimal experience!

1. Raid des Fantômes

Location: La Roche en Ardenne
Date: 23 March 2024
Distance: 55km/1600m+

A race for duos. You can participate in a male , female or mixed team, you have to cycle and finish together. The perfect challenge for you and your partner and guaranteed a day full of offroad adventure!

2. Roc d'Ardenne

Location: Houffalize
Date: 26-28 April 2024
Distances: 28km/650m+ (night ride), 59km/1533m+ (1) and 83km/2208m+ (2)

Three-day, with one night stage and two marathon stages. The last stage also earns UCI points for licensees. Can be ridden as a multi-day or separate stages, and even as sportives. In terms of route, not the most technical of this list.

3. BeMC

Location: Berismenil
Date: May 16-19 (not yet confirmed)
Distance: 260km/8000m+

Epic four-day marathon around Berismenil. The website says 'The hardest Mountain Bike Tour in the Benelux' for a reason. Temporization is the key word. Consists of an individual time trial and three marathon stages.

Update: We understand that the 2024 edition will unfortunately not take place. Hopefully there will be another chance in 2025.

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4. La Hallonienne

Location: Grand-Halleux
Date: April 1, 2024
Distances: 75km/1970m+, 45km/977m+, 25km/564m+ and 15km/394m+

The first event belonging to the Belgian Ardennes Marathon Series (BAMS), a true Marathon Cup that takes you through all the regions of the Ardennes. Throughout the season seven heats are run, always with different distances so you can choose a distance that suits your level. Grand Raid Godefroy is the most technical, but all the routes are recommended with always a nice atmosphere afterwards.

5. Ultra Raid Des 3 Vallées

Location: Miavoye
Date: September 27-29, 2024 (not yet confirmed)
Distances: 273km/6846m+, 180km/4517m+ and 130km/3300m+

Three-day ride that takes you through the Molignée Valley, the Meuse Valley and the Bocq Valley. You will sleep in a bivouac and food will be provided by a chef. An out-of-the-box concept that guarantees a lot of adventure and conviviality. Including one or two timed climbs per day where a real polka dot jersey can be earned. There is a choice of three distances.

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