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12-02-2024 | CycloWorld

Explore the world on two wheels with Vincicletta Rides

Vincicletta Rides, established in 2023 by Dutchman Vincent Kleijn, originated from his passion for cycling. Vincent, who moved to Spain in 2022, founded Vincicletta Rides driven by his deep love for the sport.

Vincicletta Rides

Vincicletta Rides specializes in all-inclusive cycling holidays and training camps. All inclusive here means everything: meals, personal mechanic, accommodation, guidance, and even bike rental. The only things you need to bring are your clothes and shoes. Catering to groups ranging from 1 to 20, Vincicletta Rides offers customizable experiences for all.

Vincicletta Rides in action

Giro d'Catalonia

Catalonia, the base of Vincicletta Rides, hosts their flagship event, the Giro d'Catalonia. This 7-day 'all-in' road race combines the spirit of a group ride with a hint of competition, including leader's jerseys. The event is fully supported, covering all hotel stays and luggage transportation.

Training camp in Catalonia

Vincicletta Rides also offers an all-inclusive training camp from Calafell in the Penedès region, just an hour south of Barcelona. Penedès is perfect for cycling enthusiasts, offering diverse terrains, scenic views, and well-maintained cycling paths. Penedès (known for its Cava wine) offers fantastic opportunities for cycling enthusiasts, with its varied and hilly terrain, picturesque landscapes and well-maintained cycling routes. You will find numerous climbs such as the Bonastre, Panta Foix, Tibidabo, Montserrat and the Rat Penat.

Vincicletta Rides on the Costa Brava

Calafell: perfect for cycling and family vacations

Calafell is an ideal destination for both cycling and family vacations, boasting great weather and warm waters till late November. Imagine cycling in the mornings while your family enjoys the pool or beach, and later, taking a city trip together to Barcelona or Tarragona. The training camps are offered at a fixed price of only €99 per person per day, including coaching, technical support, bike rental, accommodations, and even regional train tickets.

Cycling in Schwarzwald

Beyond catalonia

Beyond Catalonia, Vincicletta Rides' 2024 itinerary includes:

  • Grosse Schwarzwald Rundfahrt: July 20-27.
  • Bayerischer Voralpen Rundfahrt: July 28-Aug. 3.
  • Tiroler Rennradwoche: Aug. 3-10.
  • Tour of Bohemia: Aug. 11-17.
  • Volta a Mallorca: Oct. 19-26.

For more information, visit their website.

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