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07-06-2023 | Frank Jansen

The Vosges Mountains: five things you should know

In our latest podcast (in Dutch), the Vosges Mountains take center stage. In this episode, we call former gran fondo hotshot and Vosges expert Michel Snel. What five things should you definitely know about this beautiful region?

1. There is less rain than you think

Certainly in recent years, the weather seems to be changing. There is a lot less rain than usual. The appellation "the toilet of France" is no longer quite appropriate.

2. There are multiplee awesome gran fondos

Such asL'Alsacienne, the GF Vosges and of course Les 3 Ballons. All three are highly recommended!

3. La Bresse is a perfect base

If you want to tick off all the famous names. A bit more to the south (in Bussang) you will find a very fine campsite.

4. The Ballon d'Alsace is Michel's favorite climb

From which side exactly, you can hear in the podcast.

5. La Planche des belles Filles is the region's most famous climb

This is partly because of the famous time trial in which Roglic lost the Tour. Still, it was the cycling tourists who made this climb big.

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