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03-11-2022 | Frank Jansen

L'Alsacienne gran fondo returns with new course

Last year the French gran fondo L'Alsacienne ceased to exist. But on June 25, 2023, L'Alsacienne will return. With a new organization, a new starting place and a new course.

4 distances

The course has certainly not become easier, but in our opinion a lot more attractive.

Image: the longest route, click to enlarge. © L'Alsacienne.

The longest distance counts 195 km and 4850m+. The riders will have to climb Le Markstein no less than three times. The medio fondo is also certainly not easy with 146 km / 3800m+. Finally, there are two shorter distances of 118 km / 2750m+ and 70 and 1700 m+. All routes can be found here.

New start location

The starting place is also new: Kruth. A friendly village close to Le Markstein. The participant limit is 3000. Once again the date: June 25, 2023. Indeed, that's on the same day as La Marmotte. Choosing will be difficult.

More info can be found on the official website.

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