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08-08-2022 | Frank Jansen

Short news: Kirchmair's victory march continues

In the short news section, we bundle posts that are too short for their own article. 

  • The victory march of Stefan Kirchmair continues. After the Marmotte and L'Étape du Tour, he also won the Arlbergiro and last weekend's gran fondo of the Tour des Stations. Full results here.
  • Nele Ohmann (EST) won the gran fondo in the ladies' event, ahead of Valentin Luisse (CH) and Tess Lawsin (USA). A salient detail: Olympic champion Anna Kiesenhofer came in fourth.
  • Our guest editor Michiel Minnaert went for the win in the beastly Ultra fondo of this event and came home with a deserving 2nd place, behind Justin Paroz (CH). Elodie Robert (FR) won in the women's race, where only 26 riders managed to finish. 
  • Loïc Ruffaut (CH) is the "mister number 2" of this GF season. Stefan Kirchmair was always ahead of him, as he was last Saturday in the Tour des Stations. But on Sunday, exactly one day later, Ruffaut got his money's worth by winning La Madeleine ahead of Arne Bauters and Niels Merckx (both BE). Full results will appear a.s.a.p. on this page.
  • The well-known cycling hotel La Douce Montagne in Allemond has been sold. Owners Maarten and Willemijn are handing over the reins to the new Dutch owners after 14 years. More info on their Facebook page.
  • On August 21, it will be GFNY Day, with group rides in the morning and a virtual conference in the afternoon. More info here.

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