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07-06-2024 | Frank Jansen

How to use Strava to see if passes are accessible

It has been a long winter with lots of snow at altitude. Many passes are still officially closed. However, sometimes you can already cross them in practice. But how do you find out if this is possible? We explain how you can find out with the help of Strava. All you need is a paid Strava account and a computer. It may even work from a smartphone.

Disclaimer: Cycling over mountain passes that are still officially closed is not without risk and is entirely at your own expense. Keep in mind that rescue services may not be able to help you. Check out official openings here.

1. Look up the Strava segment via Google

Strava segment search result

2. Go to the segment and click on "This year"

Strava segment page with 'This year' highlighted

3. Click on some recent rides and check photos and descriptions

Strava activity feed with photos and descriptions

You're all set!

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