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01-07-2024 | Frank Jansen

Switzerland hit by severe weather again, many passes closed

Severe weather has struck Switzerland once again. Following the storm of two weeks ago, the southern region of the Alpine country has been hit hard. The damage is extensive, and Italy's Aosta Valley has also been affected.

Severe weather in Switzerland


The severe weather was caused by intense thunderstorms, with some areas experiencing more than 25 millimeters of rain per hour and over 200 millimeters in total. Melting snow exacerbated the situation, leading to rivers and streams overflowing and causing significant damage in places like Zermatt and Saas Fee.

Passes closed

The Simplon Pass is currently closed to traffic. Most of the issues occurred on the southern side of Switzerland in Oberwallis, but flooding and damage also affected Valais, Ticino, and Uri. The Nufenen Pass was closed due to a rock slide. The Grimsel, Furka, and San Bernardo Passes are also closed for the time being.

Problems in Italy as well

In the Aosta Valley, huge amounts of water caused rivers to overflow.


The Swiss are accustomed to severe weather, but the magnitude of this natural disaster is unprecedented even for them. For those interested, SFR maintains a liveblog.

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